24th March - Programme

Webinar: Tools and services supporting administrative capacity building, 10h00 - 12h30 CET

Download the webinar presentations here

Programme authorities will discover tools and services that they can use to further enhance their capacity to manage cohesion policy programmes but also on-going research activity. These include a practical toolkit for developing roadmaps for administrative capacity building, tools for self-assessment, REGIO Peer2Peer +, the strategic training programme, the ‘EU Funds Anti-Fraud Knowledge and Resource Centre’, the guide for setting up Integrity Pacts and the new handbook on selection of operations, and an on-going study on the organisational models of managing authorities for the years 2000-2020. Programme authorities will have the opportunity to get to know the available tools and services, listen to testimonies by past users, and discover how to use them to complement their own administrative capacity building strategies.