28th March - Programme

Webinar: Involving citizens, and in particular young people, in EU cohesion policy, 09h30 - 12h30 CET

The event will focus on the inclusion of citizens to ensure more strategic and systemic participation in planning, implementation and promotion of EU Funds. Regions and cities from different Member States are currently working with experts from the OECD to design and implement innovative participatory mechanisms - meaning involving the public beyond provision of information and/or consultation - in decision making on territorial and urban strategies. In addition, more than 160 young people from Just Transition Fund territories applied to EUTeens4Green. A consortium of regions and youth associations (i.e. SERN, YEE, CEE-Bankwatch and with the support of Generation Climate Europe) help young people (15-24 years old) to implement actions in favour of residents in Just Transition territories at risk of exclusion from the green transition.

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